2015 Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set Sells Out

by TheCoinKeeper

On Tuesday, June 30, 2015, the United States Mint began sales for the 2015 Harry S Truman Coin and Chronicles Set. This was the first set in a series of four pays special tribute to former United States Presents. These sets correspond with the Presidential Dollar Coins that are being released throughout the year 2015 for Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson.

2015 Harry S. Truman Coin and Chronicles Set

In the past, the United States Mint has introduced Coin and Chronicles Sets for other historical and collectible coins and medals. This was seen in an 2005, 2006 and 2009 when John Marshall, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln were honored, respectively. Also, in 2013 the Mint released a special set for Theodore Roosevelt, and in 2014, they did the same for Franklin D Roosevelt.

For the Harry S Truman Coin and Chronicles Set, a special reverse proof Presidential Dollar has been struck. Along with the reverse proof coin, a 1.598 inch silver Presidential Medal is included. Along with these items, a 1973 Harry S Truman eight cent postage stamp and information booklet that discusses the 33rd president is included in the set.

These sets include a red folder that securely holds the collectible items. A mintage limit of 17,000 units were sold at a price of $57.95.

Sales were brisk from the onset and this set quickly sold out in a matter of minutes. With a reverse proof coin of a United States President being offered for the very first time, demand for the set was very high.

As of this writing, 15,145 units of the 2013 Theodore Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles set have been sold, and 13,093 units of the Franklin D Roosevelt Set have sold. The Mint may have underestimated the demand for the reverse proof coins.

Collectors can now purchase the Harry S Truman kept Client and Chronicles Set on the secondary market.


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