2014 Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coin Release

Grace-Coolidge-gold-first-spouse-coinOn July 17, 2014, the United States Mint began selling the 2014 Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coin. This is the second coin in a series that's been released in 2014. The 2014 Florence Harding First Spouse Gold Coin was just released last week.

On the obverse side of the coin, there is a design that portrays First Lady Grace Coolidge. The design was created by Joel Iskowitz, and it was engraved by Phebe Hemphill. Underneath the First Ladies portrait is the inscription, " 30th and 1923-1929." This indicates the presidential order and the term that Grace Coolidge served.

Grace-Coolidge-gold-first-spouse-coin-reverseThe design on the reverse side of the gold coin represents the deaf community and sign language. There are three hands in the image that are signing the letters for USA. Underneath the hands is the inscription "USA." An image of the White House is seen in the background. The clients 1/2 ounce and .9999 fine gold purity is indicated around the outer edge of the image as well as the inscription, " United States of America."

Pricing for the 2014 Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coin is said that it hundred $845 for the uncirculated coin and it hundred $865 if you're in the market for the proof version. These prices will fluctuate if spot gold prices change. The Mint figures the cost of the coins based on a weekly average price for gold.

The combined total of 10,000 pieces is the maximum mintage set for this coin. Customer demand will determine the number of uncirculated and proof coins that are struck.

The Florence Harding coin received sales of 1,481 coins initially which included 574 uncirculated 907 proof versions. This is a lower amount when compared to the Edith Wilson coin which was released before the Florence Harding coin. Sales for the Edith Wilson gold coin were 1,970. What you think the initial sales for the Grace Coolidge coin will be? Possibly, it will be lower due to the fact that this coin is being released so close to the last First Spouse Gold Coin.

There's plenty of time to buy this gold coin, but the price of gold has been volatile lately. If it goes up, the cost of this coin will head higher too.

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